KindieFest and OWTK’s Special Podcast

Sam the Producer here (I think I’m going to stick with that name), and I flew across the Atlantic to New York this past weekend to attend the KindieFest music conference at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This was my second time attending the conference, and it was very much worth the trip. The bulk of…..

Alex the Seal remixes Mista Cookie Jar’s “Room 28”

Earlier this year, Alex’s producer, Sam, went to KindieFest in Brooklyn, New York. While he was there, he met a bunch of cool people and saw some great acts perform. One of these performances was by Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, who had a funky retro sound that couldn’t help but put a smile…..

“Bonne Nuit, Grenouille” Music Video

Here is the official music video for Alex the Seal’s song, “Bonne Nuit, Grenouille”, which can be found on the 2011 release, Kids’ Club. The song’s story was created by Anastasia Cosette (age 5), who also stars in the video. I’m a sucker for really unique and/or bizarre twist endings, so I thought it would be…..